Carl K Barniak

"Starting your day with a heart healthy, high-protein, high-fiber breakfast smoothie, made with your favorite juice and the Ultimate Breakfast SuperFOOD – MotherSOY® protein powder – is the single MOST IMPORTANT decision you could make everyday concerning your health."
– Dr. Carl K. Barniak, Founder and CEO MotherSOY, Inc.
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5 Year Shelf Life
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Start Your Day with MotherSOY 2 Perfect Protein Products
No Refrigeration Required – 5 Year Shelf Life with Unopened Pouch

Healthy Weight Loss

Meal Replacement Protein
for Healthy Weight Loss

High Protein – High Fiber
High Potassium – Low Sodium

MotherSOY® Essential Protein
One – 2 lb. Container = $29.00
UPS Shipping: $10.00

Two – 2 lb. Containers = $58
UPS Shipping: $10.00
(Save $10 on Shipping)

Four – 2 lb. Containers = $116
UPS Shipping: $10.00
(Save $30 on Shipping)

High Protein Meal Replacement

The Perfect Breakfast Protein
For Vibrant Health

More than Twice the Isoflavones of Soy Isolate
Near Perfect 2:1 Ratio of Sodium to Potassium

Currently Out of Production

Quantity Discounts Special Discounts with Quantity Purchase
Eight (8) Container Family Pak

$19 / 2 lb. Container
UPS Shipping: $16.00

(Save $80 on Protein + $64 on Shipping!)

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